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Make games, bro!
We are Dobro games, a small Studio with big ambitions. Since 2016, we have been creating mobile games and apps that are played by millions of people around the world. And we're not going to stop.

Our games are fun and relaxing. Interesting ideas are combined with simple gameplay and rules, technical accuracy - with creativity. The most important thing for Dobro games is the comfort of the user. We carefully study the game sessions, constantly experimenting on the scenario and mechanics of games. This allows us to create a game world where the user simply relaxes and has a good time.

In our work, we profess a bro-approach and believe that high-quality products can be created only in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We organize our work processes so that they make the team's life easier and work more efficiently. We pay special attention to the organization of a comfortable working space. We have a modern office. It is pleasant not only to work, but also to relax, playing with colleagues in Board games or Playstation.
Dobro games is a good game dev. Our driving force is excitement, perfectionism and a few double pepperoni that we ate as a team at lunch. Five years of hard work, a fan-like atmosphere, an immense love of games and a constant upgrade of products and processes. Then it will be even steeper. Are you with us?"
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